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Sydney City Rug Cleaning gives you the best rug cleaning service in Sydney. We will come to you anywhere and give your rug a professional clean.


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The differences between the domestic cleaning of a rug that can be done at home with the various household cleaning appliances, and the actual washing performed by a specialised center are substantial and not comparable.

When we talk about rug washing we talk about a procedure in which the carpet is washed in depth with a series of specific steps, ranging from threshing, to washing with water and biodegradable detergents, to spinning and drying in special rooms.

The beating phase serves to eliminate the dust present in the carpet fibers, and is done with machinery that vibrates the carpet, freeing it from dust and earth. The washing phase can last up to an hour, in which the carpet is wet with water and with biodegradable soaps both in front and behind, and then it is treated with different products depending on the type of washing chosen (fabric softener, disinfectant, mothproof).

The spin phase that follows is very important and serves to eliminate the large amount of water that the carpet retains in its fibers, this is one of those things that can never be performed at home and that only specialized centers such as ours perform on all rugs that wash. The drying phase it is the longest and is performed in special chambers at controlled humidity and temperature.

The cleaning of the carpet or the washing of carpets in the home is instead a superficial cleaning that cannot touch the fibers of the carpet in depth, but serves to clean the surface. It is not possible to wash a carpet in the house! Home cleaning means the normal passage of a vacuum cleaner , the disinfection of the carpet on the surface perhaps with the passage of a cloth soaked in vinegar , or the elimination of small stains to be carried out immediately and always with great care. In this article we talk more in depth about carpet cleaning at home.

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